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Marino Ballena

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Marino Ballena National Park is a huge national park in Uvita encompassing four different beaches and rainforest. This beach is very big with vast palm tree lined beaches, perfect for walking, swimming and sunbathing.

This national park has one very interesting characteristic: there is an area where two beaches meet and during low tide, the rocks and sand create a formation in the shape of a whale’s tail.

It’s even more fascinating that this specific national park has this characteristic because Uvita is known as the best place to see humpback whales in Costa Rica! To see the Whale Tail, you have to visit during low tide or else the water will cover it in high tide.

There are four different sections to the park but the main one is Sector Uvita, the closest to the Whale Tail. If you visit the park, do make sure you see the sunset here, it is stunning!